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8 Billion Minutes To Facebook

For the internet addicts feel uncomfortable if not open Facebook daily goods. No wonder that a total of 8 billion minutes spent on people to open Facebook every day.

Stated Vice President of Engineering Mike Schroepfer Facebook as much as two billion on share content each week, and two billion photos uploaded every month, which means 1.2 million served per second of data in a server. Furthermore, the addition of five billion calls to the Facebook application program every Tuesday.

One of the major challenges of social networking sites is that the news feed on Facebook homepage must be able to process 50 million operations per second.

"We take open source software, Memcache, adapted and disseminated it," Schroepfer said, as quoted by ZDNet, Friday (23/10).

He also explained how the company's homepage on Facebook to keep still efficient. "We were able to scale Memcache five times the original performance," he said. California

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