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Responsibility Flavor

How big's your sense of responsibility? For example, if you're given a job in the office, one of the tasks given course lecturer or a promise he had spoken from your lips to someone. Could one of these examples can you meet with the full sense of responsibility? I always wondered to myself. Why am I always in the midst of people who do not care to feel responsibility. Finally yesterday, exactly after Saturday (05/09) I get how upset I am to my friend one campus. I wanted to just push his head into the wall of the building campus. But I realized, it's all just a moment and emotion out of my instinct to act far. I do not want to tell you why I was so upset with my friend because I do not want him to be someone who feels guilty to me. I save just enough and hopefully he understands the mistake.

Sense of responsibility are often difficult to explain precisely. Sometimes the responsibilities associated with having to do something, or sometimes associated with sadness to accept the consequences of an act. The many forms of this responsibility was difficult to formulate it causes in the form of words is simple and easy to understand. But if we look further, the sense of responsibility always revolves around the consciousness to do, a willingness to perform, and the ability to do so.

We may never harm another person by accident, so someone else suffer. But the main thing is we are genuinely aware that we do not have the heart to intentionally harm others. In addition, we must dare to be responsible, helpful, and deal with this situation once and for all.

A great scientist Albert Einstein (1879-1955) said, "The price of greatness is responsibility" (the price was a big responsibility). Having a sense of responsibility is the pearl of life. With a sense of great responsibility, we take the wisdom and lessons learned bitterly, and still dare to go forward with the current optimism.

Was not very nice if we could account for our deeds in the world? Because, if we run from that responsibility, the court shall Almighty God in the hereafter it will feel very difficult calculations, since our accountability unfinished in the world.

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